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It can be difficult to showcase custom development projects that we do simply because the databases that we build for clients are customized to a point where it becomes IP of the company that hired us. Any finished product that we have created will include sensitive business information or language so you won’t see the end product here. At the same time we want to show basic examples of what we can and will do for clients. Send us a request after viewing some of these to talk about what you need.

Holiday Card Contact Manager

Holiday • Personal
holiday card contact manager

CRM – Customer Database

Business • CRM • Real Estate • Tech
CRM – Customer Database

Accept payments at website form

Business • Payment Form • Personal • Tech
custom stripe payment form

Calendar of Events

Business • Calendar • Personal
Calendar of Events Custom Solution

Art Gallery Management System

Art • Business • Personal
Custom Art Gallery Management Database

Hiking Trails Database

Listings • Personal
Custom hiking trails management database

Real Estate Listing Database

Listings • Real Estate
Custom Real Estate Listing Database

Bug Reports Custom Listing

Listings • Tech
Bug and Issue report custom database

To Do List Form

To do list custom form